Lamonte McIntyre

Richard Jones

Floyd Bledsoe

Robert Nelson

Current clients:

Ricky Kidd

County of conviction: Jackson County, MO

Convicted of: First degree murder

Sentence: Life without parole

Years Served: 20+

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John Brown

County of conviction: Dallas County, AR

Convicted of: First degree murder and aggravated robbery

Sentence: Life

Years Served: 25+

Michael Politte

County of conviction: St. Francois County, MO

Convicted of: Second degree murder

Sentence: Life

Years Served: 17+

Rodney Lincoln

County of conviction: St. Louis City, MO

Convicted of: Manslaughter and two counts first degree assault

Sentence: Life + 15 years

Years Served: 34+

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Laquanda “Faye” Jacobs

County of conviction: Pulaski County, AR

Convicted of: Capital Murder

Sentence: Life

Years Served: 25+