Christopher Dunn

  • County of Conviction: St. Louis City
  • Convicted of: First-degree murder, assault in the first degree, armed criminal action
  • Sentence: Life without parole
  • Years Served: 33 and counting

Breaking News Update:

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Has Filed a Motion To Vacate Christopher Dunn’s Conviction.

For more than 30 years, Christopher Dunn has been imprisoned for a crime
he did not commit. This morning, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Gabe Gore joined Chris’
call for justice and filed a motion to vacate Chris’ conviction because he is actually
innocent. Circuit Attorney Gore shares good company.


In 2020, Texas County
Circuit Court Judge William Hickle also found that Chris is innocent, but was
unable to overturn Chris’ conviction and free him because in Missouri innocence
alone is not enough to overturn a conviction unless that person was sentenced to
death. Missouri is the only state in the nation to limit innocence claims by a
person’s sentence. And until the legislature changes the law, only a prosecutor can
petition a court to free an innocent person sentenced to anything less than death.


We are grateful to the Circuit Attorney for his commitment to pursuing
justice in Chris’ case and look forward to presenting the evidence of his innocence to
the Court. We are confident that when faced with such evidence, any Court will
find, as Judge Hickle did over three years ago, that Christopher Dunn is innocent

Motion to Vacate filed in St. Louis

Statement from Christopher Dunn’s legal team

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