Ricky Kidd

Ricky Kidd (he/him/his), Community Engagement Manager

After surviving 23 years of being wrongfully convicted, Ricky Kidd has chosen to turn his
negative into a positive, has decided to be better opposed to bitterness, and to walk in his FAITH
over FEAR. Ricky Kidd is an Author, a Public Speaker, Justice Advocate, and a Playwright. He
also now has the pleasure of serving on the board of the Innocence Network.

Ricky joined the Midwest Innocence Project Team in September of 2019; only one month after
he was released from prison. Ricky now uses his ability to speak from the soul to connect with
others, while utilizing his infectious energy to help the organization promote awareness about
the cause and impact of wrongful convictions.

When Ricky is not busy helping being the voice of the voiceless, his hobbies consist of long trail
walks, high energy bowling matches or enjoying a quiet read. One fun fact many might not know
about Ricky is his ability to make you laugh right when you need it most.