Blair Johnson

Blair Johnson (she/her/hers), Investigator


Blair Johnson joined the Midwest Innocence Project as the staff investigator in 2018. Blair is passionate about how her commitment to truth, fairness, and compassion can contribute to the mission and impact of the Midwest Innocence Project.


In her role as an investigator, Blair is committed to the pursuit of just outcomes for our clients through thorough fact investigations to uncover truths long overlooked. She endeavors to objectively ascertain facts, gather witnesses, and develop new evidence to that end. The team can rely on her to possess an intimate familiarity with the record, critically evaluate case details, and assemble the salient information into useful work product. Blair greatly enjoys the process of gaining a deep knowledge of all aspects of the case.


Blair holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Kansas State University. Prior to joining the MIP staff, Blair worked as a private investigator licensed in Missouri and Iowa. During this time, she investigated cases involving microscopic hair comparison for the Iowa State Public Defender’s Wrongful Conviction Division.