Leonard “Raheem” Taylor

The Midwest Innocence Project, the Innocence Project, and Phillips Black have grave concerns that Missouri is going to execute an innocent man. Without a Board of Inquiry, Leonard Taylor will be executed without a single factfinder ever reviewing the evidence of his actual innocence.

The Midwest Innocence Project, the Innocence Project, and Philips Black have requested Governor Parson appoint an independent board of inquiry to evaluate the conviction and death sentence of Leonard “Raheem” Taylor. Taylor has always maintained his innocence; he was 1,800 miles away at the time of the crime. Yet, despite credible evidence of his innocence at the time of trial, as well as new compelling pieces of evidence since discovered, no factfinder has ever been presented with Taylor’s claim of actual innocence—due to no fault of his own. It would be an intolerable injustice for Leonard Taylor to be executed without a full and fair resolution on the question of his guilt or innocence. A Board of Inquiry would provide that resolution and is necessary to ensure the public can have faith in our criminal justice system. Read the rest of the letter to Govoner Parson here.


2023.02.06 MIP Amicus Brief_Filed

2023.2.2 Request to appoint Board of Inquiry

Exhibit A, Declaration of Deja Taylor

Exhibit B, Declaration of Mia Perry

Exhibit C, Declaration of Ashley Winfrey

Exhibit D, Affidavit of Dr. Jane Turner

Exhibit E, Report of James Trainum with Exhibits

Exhibit F, Letter from CIRU in Support of Stay