David Tushaus

David Tushaus (he/him/his), Supervising Attorney – UMKC Innocence Clinic



David Tushaus pursues his passions as Supervising Attorney of the Innocence Clinic at the University of Missouri School of Law. He leads a seminar on wrongful convictions, supervises students in the clinic, and represents clients directly. His goals are to encourage students to create a more just legal system, develop empathy for clients, and gain freedom for the wrongly convicted.


Dave began his career pursuing justice as a law clinic student at the University of Iowa, where he earned his J.D and a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning. He moved from a rewarding career at Legal Aid of Western Missouri to academia to urge and inspire upcoming legal professionals to serve others. He and his students have traveled to amazing countries like India, Nepal, Myanmar, Ethiopia, and The Gambia to help local law schools learn about injustices in their communities and develop legal aid clinics.


Dave enjoys hiking and biking, baking bread and eating foods from all over the world, and stories in all forms. He has pushed his limits by trying sky diving, scuba diving, and climbing a volcano. Read more about his adventures and work at, or ask him about a favorite experience. He continues to learn from his clients, students, colleagues, family, and friends.


Pronouns: He/him/his