UMKC/MU Schools of Law

Prof. Lindsay Runnels of the University of Missouri and University of Missouri-Kansas City law schools works in partnership with the MIP to investigate and litigate cases of actual innocence within MIP’s five state region. Law students enrolled in the clinic work on these cases under her supervision.

Program History


In 2007, the University of Missouri System provided funding to launch a joint innocence program involving the UMKC School of Law, the MU School of Law, the MU School of Journalism, and the Midwestern Innocence Project ( MIP).

System funding, along with contributions from UMKC and MU, allowed UMKC to hire a clinical professor, who also served as legal director for the Midwest Innocence Project.

The UMKC clinical professor directed an innocence clinic at both law schools supervising law students from both UMKC and MU.  MU Journalism students initially participated in this collaboration by enrolling in a course at the  MU J-School taught by Prof. Steve Weinberg.

Several years ago, the MIP hired its own Executive Director and with Prof Weinberg’s retirement, the Journalism School is no longer involved in this collaboration.

Currently, UMKC Prof Lindsay Runnels teaches a Wrongful Convictions course at UMKC while directing both innocence clinics, and Prof Rodney Uphoff teaches MU’s Wrongful Convictions course. Both Wrongful Convictions courses are designed not only to examine the features of the criminal justice system that produce wrongful convictions and to discuss systemic reforms that might minimize such convictions, but also to prepare students to do intensive field work in the clinical course taught by Prof. Runnels.

 Apply for Assistance


All applications for assistance should be sent directly to the Midwest Innocence Project at:


The Midwest Innocence Project
3619 Broadway Blvd., Suite 2
Kansas City, MO 64111