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MIP COVID-19 Update

Be bold. Be loud. Be unafraid to make noise.


MIP is working to secure the release of pre-trial detainees, who have not been convicted of a crime and who may now face the impossible question of pleading to something they may not have done or risk infections and possible death by awaiting trial during a pandemic. As we work to file emergency briefs to secure the release of elderly clients who are incarcerated for crimes they did not commit here are some things you can do to help.


Write Letters


Write a letter to the president, your governor, local prosecutors, sheriffs and other local officials to release incarcerated individuals. Call for the compassionate release of those who: are older and elderly; have a terminal medical condition; have a debilitating medical condition; suffer from a chronic medical condition; or have suffered a death of a family member who is a primary caregiver to a child of the person incarcerated.


Bring attention to the need for compassionate release – with community supervision, if necessary – for people with: blood disorders; chronic kidney disease; chronic liver disease; compromised immune system (immunosuppression); current or recent pregnancy; endocrine disorders; metabolic disorders; heart disease; lung disease; neurological and neurologic and neurodevelopment conditions; and hypertension.


Here are some letter templates from our friends at The Justice Collaborative

Letter to the president

Letter to your governor

Letter to your local prosecutor

Letter to your sheriffs

Letter to local elected officials 


Check here for MO, KS, NE, and AR contacts.


Help Inform Others


Co-Sponsor an educational webinar with a local bail fund to help educate your community about the perils of pretrial detention.

Click here for a webinar from The Justice Collaborative.

Stay Informed


It is not a matter of if but when the coronavirus will enter prisons and jails, according to health experts. Sign on to Color of Change’s Platform, which includes demands for Prison Industry Corporations: