Our freed clients are those who have been released from incarceration. However, they have not been officially exonerated by a government body. In these cases, where there is no exoneration, clients can accept a plea deal, or a government body can commute the person’s sentence to time served, effectively releasing them from prison. Without an exoneration, the fight to clear these clients’ records continues.

An exoneree is someone who has been officially cleared of a crime of which they were previously convicted. In these cases, the person is either declared factually innocent or relieved of the consequences of the conviction, according to the National Registry of Exonerations. Exonerations can happen in the form of official government pardons, acquittal of charges, or a dismissal of charges. In these cases, the client’s record is clear.

The MIP currently has 560 applications on the waitlist for initial screening. Seventy-eight cases’ investigations are pending, and the MIP is actively litigating 13 others.