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17 hours ago

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4 days ago


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That's a blessing! Her daddy is smiling down. He tried his best to get her out. I remember them picking her up with her church clothes still on. We knew she didn't don't it

So happy for her and her love ones... I'm still believing God for a miracle and my son sentenced to life is able to get that sentence reduced. Gotta find a lawyer willing to take his case. In Jesus name!

Why haven’t y’all helped my brother me and my family have reached out to y’all for years

Can't wait for The Day My 2 Sons walk out too!!!!

Ms faye helped so many while she was there I know she had a huge impact on me weather she knew it or not I am so happy for her

I wait for this day, when my brother is Free!!! #FREEJOELOPEZ Follow his page: The Real crime “the game” of injustice.

Glory! Hallelujah!! God is so good!! Can’t wait for this day with my son Joel Lopez!! Be blessed!!

This is the most touching release in all time..Faye im so happy for you.. Live love and laugh my sweet friend..we done time in 14-15

Praying for All!! #Freeourloveones!!!🙌👐🙌👐🙌👐

Check out his page on facebook... Justice for Tyree Conway

Now we must free Tyree Conway

I been watching this crying 😭 my eyes out lord lord lord... waiting patiently for my guidance GOD I KNOW THIS WAS A SIGN SO IM GOING TO GIVE IT A TRY 😢😢😢😭 WELCOME HOME LOVE I WISH I CAN HUG YOU TOO

Got me teary eyed 💯👑💯👑 welcome home baby


We’re waiting on the call from my grandson God is good we will see him walking out and all will see just how mighty our God is trusting and believing in our God justice will prevail 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


Wow! Yay Faye!! I remember being with your father and Holy Cross visiting you many many years ago. May God fully restore you to more.....waaayyyy more than before. I know you can't believe it!! Love you!

Thanks to everybody who had any part in this joyful tears this is just the beginning it's so many others that'll be freed soon 😍

Thank you God and welcome home my beautiful sister God bless you and your family blessed be God blessed be the name of the Lord

Colorado please for our family. Prosecutor already admitted on record of lieing and purposely misrepresented evidence to gain a conviction, so why isn’t my husband freed. Need help for justice






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