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After two days, the evidentiary hearing has concluded for MIP client John Brown. Mr. Brown presented testimony from eleven witnesses. The parties will now have until December 1 to submit briefs outlining their positions on what the new evidence means for Mr. Brown's claim of innocence. #FreeJohnBrown ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Every morning you have woken up close to your loved ones,
every special occasion you have celebrated,
every milestone that marked a moment in your life
are what have brought you immeasurable amounts of joy and happiness.

But for the past 25 years, John Brown has spent his life behind bars. He has been deprived the opportunity to lead a full life.

In 1992, it took two separate trials to convict him of the brutal rape and murder of 78-year-old Myrtle Holmes. There are many discrepancies in how Holmes' case was closed. And Brown's right to due process was violated.

The State's case is heavily reliant on the conflicted testimony of alleged accomplice Charlie Vaughn, who evidence now shows was coerced into making a confession by an undisclosed State informant. The most conclusive proof of Brown’s innocence is a full confession by co-defendant Reginald Early, which is corroborated by physical and forensic evidence.

As MIP's legal team and volunteers work in Arkansas, you can learn more about his case here:
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1 week ago

The MIP legal team and volunteers are currently in Arkansas preparing for a hearing for client John Brown. Brown is currently serving a life sentence for a crime he did not commit and has spent the past 25 years in a prison cell. Justice for Brown is long overdue.

Brown is currently facing a few procedural barriers that MIP is hoping to break through while in Arkansas. The State has argued that Brown did not exercise sufficient diligence in the pursuit of his rights and claims to innocence. A false murder conviction is disparaging and without the means to obtain adequate legal resources, hope began to wane for Brown.

Among other things, Brown has had the misfortune of counsel that did not present key DNA evidence that could have very well acquitted him. The mission of MIP is to compensate for the failures of the legal system that have prejudiced Brown and attain the justice he deserves.

To learn more about his case visit:
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1 week ago

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Melonie PolitteWell wishes sent to you all!! Without people like you, we all in the wrongful conviction community would be lost.

1 week ago

Michelle ParrishGood luck to Mr. Brown and his team! Keep fighting the good fight!

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Cheryl A. PilateGood luck team!

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Kelsey BerkleyMr. Brown has amazing folks on his side now. Best of luck!

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