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Midwest Innocence Project shared Ashleigh Banfield's Missouri governor issues stay in Marcellus Will....

Ashleigh Banfield
Watch MIP's Executive Director Tricia Bushnell react to the stay for Marcellus Williams, just moments after receiving the news.
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Missouri governor issues stay hours before Marcellus Williams' execution. The Midwest Innocence Project) reacts. (via Michaela Pereira)

2 hours ago

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Christina BraseelIt feels geeat to be able to breath a little bit better now knowing an innocent man was not put to death in Missouri! So thankful for EVERYONE including the Midwest Innocence Project for taking a stand & not giving up hope! Now, let's get him justice!

2 hours ago   ·  1

Brittney ScarboroughAmazing job Tricia and crew! You truly are a life saver!

48 minutes ago

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