On the evening of February 9th, 1992, police picked up Faye Jacobs for questioning in the case of an aggravated robbery and shooting that occurred earlier that afternoon. Witnesses had described the shooter as in her thirties, with scars under her eyes, and wearing pants and a coat – Jacobs, then 16 years old, was still in the white dress she’d worn to church that morning. After gunshot residue tests of Jacob’s hands came back negative, Jacobs picture was shown to a witness who could not identify her and she was subsequently released.

Nine days later, the witness who was unable to identify Jacobs as the shooter hours after witnessing the crime, chose Jacobs as the shooter from a photo line-up. More than two weeks from the date of the shooting, another witness chose Jacobs as the shooter from a photo line-up. Jacobs was subsequently charged wit capital murder.

Jacobs denied any participation in the murder and had alibi witnesses attesting to her innocence. The jury ruled against Jacobs and found her guilty of capital murder and sentenced her to life imprisonment without parole.

Jacobs is currently the only female inmate in Arkansas sentenced as a juvenile to life in prison without parole.

“When I thought all hope was gone, the Midwest Innocence Project bridged the gap between hope vs. hopelessness, justice vs. injustice, believing vs. unbelieving. Through your support, I have my dreams back.”



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